Forever Garlic

If you’re wondering how to freeze garlic – or even if you can – then yes, you can. Once I learnt this trick I honestly never run out of garlic. Garlic that’s frozen is much easier to cook with. A clove of frozen garlic on the corner of your chopping bnoard while you’re preparing other ingredients will literally melt like butter under a knife after it’s defrosted for five minutes. It also melts into the food when you add it.

Time to make: 5 minutes
Mouths: feeds as many as you like


  • As much garlic as you can like. I usually do three bulbs at a time.

Other stuff:

  • A good sharp knife
  • A chopping board
  • A decent freezer bag – you want something that will last


  1. Take a whole bulb of garlic and over the bin gently remove the outer onion skins from it. You want it to stay together. Just remove those outer layers. Don’t force the last layer or two. Bring it back to the chopping board.
  2. Lay the whole bulb of garlic on its side on the chopping board and then use the sharop knife to remove the root. Don’t rush. Just carefully and cleanly cut right through and take that root off.
  3. With the root gone separate all the cloves and remove those onion skins; it’ll all fall aprt in your hands. Leave the each clove’s skin intact. These will cocoon them for the deep-freeze they’re going into.
  4. Place the cleaned up cloves into your freezer bag, clean down the chopping board and repeat the process with the next bulb of garlic.
  5. Place in the freezer and use whenever your recipe asks for garlic.

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