Christmas is coming…..

So the dreaded season is approaching and it will soon be time for Christmas parties and other requests for attendance to sit and be wowed by fabulous Evening Entertainment - whether you like it or not.

Many of these corporate events might be the torturous enforced fun of work’s dos – something that I personally dread in every possible way imaginable. Much like with family, we are thrown in with our colleagues without any forethought or planning. They may be odious creatures - your co-workers – but you get lumped in with them anyway – normally sat next to the individual in the office that thinks you actually care about their ‘metal’ music or the recent additions to their body art or their vinyl figures of the The Crow; or the fact that they – along with every other unimaginative hetrosexual soul-searching male on the planet – plan to go to the up-coming hallowe’en party as – you’ve guessed it – The Crow (or, failing that, turning up as a carbon-copy of Heath Ledger’s The Joker).

So you’re there at the work’s do, feeling nervous and tongue-tied. What do you do? You do what any other sensible soul would do – you have a drink to loosen up a little.

Before you know it, you’re gibbering all sorts of rubbish to people that you would normally keep tight-lipped around.

So this year, be warned.

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