Don’t Step On A Crack

JHS Carpets“….or you’ll fall and break your back”


I know I’m not the only one that played the game as a kid.


I’d always play it in the street; hopping; over- and under-stepping so that my feet would fall just right. Timing is everything, I learned, and just like the long-jump, you have to time your steps just so to ensure that you’re right on target.

But my favourite thing was to play the game on the patterns in carpets.

I’d do it on the carpets at home but I always payed a lot of attention to commercial carpets with their wide, rigid, and vulgar patterns; in schools, hospitals and office settings.

They caught my eye and always would make me think I was stepping over wide chasms of burning, molten rock; one slip and I would come tumbling down and burn into oblivion.

The peril would thrill and terrify me and I would be lost in the drama; real life fading away

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