Treasure Hunt

When we think of Treasure Hunts a lot of images come to mind, and not just Johnny Depp.

If you are of a certain age – and I am – it will be hard not to think of Anneka Rice jumping out of a helicopter and being chased frantically by an eager cameraman who – legend would have it – had Anneka‚Äôs bottom cheeks as his main focus. And let’s face it, people wren’t tuning in to see Kenneth Kendall; they were quivering in their seats at home with the sole aim of seeing Anneka’s bottom bobbing around rural towns of England.

But long gone are those days and you are now more likely to see corporate treasure hunts online than Anneka’s beautiful bottom running around.

Anneka moved on and was replaced by Annabel Croft (why they always used posh girls and not Geordie lasses, I don’t know) and there was also the addition to the studio of Wincy Willis (she was the TVam weather girl, remember?) and the show format went from strength to strength.

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