Facebook and the faux pas of modern life

I always looked for a way to separate my Facebook friends into manageable groups (Friends/Colleagues/Family). For years, Facebook has been trying to help us to do this.

It seems they’ve finally cracked it. I’m going to teach you what I’ve learnt.

When you visit someone’s Facebook profile you see in the top right corner their friend status. If you think they’re a spy, or you don’t know them very well – you can label them as an Acquaintance.

Also, when you accept a friend request, you can allocate them as an Acquaintance there and then.

Also, if you visit your Friends list you can go down the entire list and allocate individuals as Acquaintances.

This is why it’s important: when you post something, you can choose a default option for the post: “Friends except Acquaintances”.

It’s a simple two-tier system that will ensure that colleagues and fussy aunts don’t get any naughty stuff.

ALSO – you can set the privacy settings for photo albums for “Friends except Acquaintances because Facebook has done all the hard work for you.

Facebook has lots of other pre-loaded Friends lists (Close Friends/Friends/Family) and you can make you own.


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