The End Of The World 2012

It’s a common theme. No matter where you find yourself in time the end is always nigh.

Humans seem hardwired to see significance in the most trivial natural occurrences.


The Mayan calendar is popularly used to suggest an end of days.

The Maya did not predict the end of the world (or even predict any great change) for 2012 – there is no archeological evidence to support the notion that they ever did.

The Tortuguero (or El Tortuguero) monument was carved by the Maya and contains 80 glyphs – a long inscription – and there is a mention there of the 2012 date (the year 130000 in the Mayan calendar).

The inscription suggests that a patron deity will descend to oversee ceremonies that will occur on December 21st 2012 because that day sees an end to a measured time-period (a bit like we have a “century” or an era). But no end of days.

The Maya were not obsessed with December 21st 2012. Indeed, some of their other inscriptions outline events long AFTER 2012 so the Maya clearly had ideas that events were going to continue beyond the year 2012.

Maya archeologist Dr. Katherine Reese-Taylor, from the University of Calgary, Canada, has a deep understanding of the Maya people and their glyphs.

Click Play to listen to an interview with Dr. Katherine Reese-Taylor who discusses the 2012 doomsday prophecies and neatly dismisses the doomsayers:


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