Online Marketing Masterclass 1: Branding

Welcome to the Barely Useful online-marketing masterclass. Over the next six blogs we will be looking at some of the key elements that you will need to be thinking about to improve your online  marketing position.

If you’re a newbie to this topic then don’t worry. We’re going to keep things nice and simple; think of this as a hand-holding exercise. Keep calm; relax; you’re going to be an online marketing guru.

We know that you’re busy so we’re keeping it short and sweet; boiling it down to just the elements we feel that you need to know.

We wanted to design something that you could read quickly on your tea-break. So feel free to follow the blog and by the end of it you will be armed with the knowledge to take your online brand in a new direction: fresh and well thought-out.

Starting today, we will cover the following themes:


  • Branding
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Online Content
  • Online Directories
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Let’s jump straight into the first master-class:


For your online marketing plan this is the very first place you’re going to start.

Good branding is a simple doctrine and there is not a great deal more that can be said about that. But we’ll try….

Take a look at your branding. Ask yourself, “How old is my branding, is it outdated?”

Think about the original rationale that may have gone into your logo – has this changed? Think about the colour-scheme – do you need to breathe new life into your business? Think about the font you use in your tag-line. Do you even have a tag-line?

Think about all of this with fresh eyes. You see your logo everyday. You don’t even think about it anymore. But if we asked them, what would your target audience make of your branding? What do your colleagues think about your branding? Start asking these questions – start asking these questions aloud, and not to yourself.

In the world of online marketing branding is important. And the reason we have started here first is because before you throw yourself into a round of feverish online marketing we want to make sure that your branding is suitable for the good old interwebs.

Remember: what may look good on office paper may not translate into online media. This is a great time to review your branding and revisit it with fresh eyes.

Consider your target audience. Does your branding meet with their aspirations? Apple Inc. didn’t get where they are today by building sexy gadgets. They homed-in on their target audience and wrung their wallets dry. Cool and smart branding was the order of the day. Apple understand the concept of customer loyalty and its links with branding. They also understand the concept of brand authority. People look to Apple to be the best. They look up to Apple and they think of Apple as they reach for their credit cards. Don’t forget that part: it’s important.

So, to keep your juices flowing, here’s our hit-list for you to save and work through:


  • Start your strategy today: yes, today
  • Logo and tag-lines: revisit & refresh
  • Colour-schemes: these have a shelf-life: breathe new life into your business
  • Domain name: do you have one? Do the research early
  • Brand authority: write a bog or produce a how-to video to attract sales
  • Know your target audience: open your eyes to this or fail
  • Make a budget and stick to it but don’t be cheap; your customers will know

We’d love your feedback and your success stories. Feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues.

Keep your eyes open for the next blog in which we will be looking at online content: the type of content strategies that Google loves, and the type that Google loathes.

Get it right online and watch your business soar.


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